Frequently Asked Questions

Does fiber protector really keep spills from staining my rug?

The basic science behind fiber protector works like this: Every fiber has so many dye receptor sites at a microscopic level and when spills happen, the available dye receptor sites take on the color of what was spilled and essentially “dye” the fibers. Fiber protectors, when applied correctly, fill up those available dye receptor sites so that when spills happen, there’s no place for those new color molecules to attach themselves.

There are all kinds of protectors on the market with varying results after application. It’s important to understand that the protectors you can pick up in a can at the big box stores are not the same as the protectors that are professionally applied at Mann’s. 

Fiber Protector

Our stain protector can be used on all fine rug fiber types without risk of rapid resoiling, texture change, dye bleed, or discoloration, and it even provides some UV protection to keep your dyes their true color for as long as possible. We recommend re-application after a professional rug cleaning.