Frequently Asked Questions

My dog peed on my rug. Can you get it out?

Pet accidents are the #1 reason our customers call us for cleaning. It’s a three-part problem:

  1. The pet urine itself.
  2. The yellow stain.
  3. The odor-causing microscopic bacteria the urine leaves behind.
Sad Dog on Rug

The pet urine itself.

This is washed out completely because we flush a huge volume of water through your rug from front to back, concentrating even more where we know there to be pet damage.

The yellow stain.

Unfortunately, this type of stain is actually a fairly permanent pH shift caused by a chemical reaction in the urine as it dries that affects the dyes over time. The good news here is we do provide color correction services! While we can’t guarantee 100% restoration, we’re often able to bring it back to a place that’s hard to detect.

The odor-causing microscopic bacteria the urine leaves behind.

Odors specific to pet urine damage do slightly improve with washing, but the bacteria are not removed completely with regular cleaning. They remain and lay dormant until moisture in introduced (humidity, a spill, another pet accident) which causes them to bloom and reactivate. This is why Mann’s has developed special decontamination protocols designed to attack and remove the bacteria at the source. *This process is not included as part of our regular washing package.

Occasionally, we see an area rug that is so badly pet urine damaged that there is evidence of actual structural damage.

In these cases, we will likely recommend replacement over cleaning.